Shall I Be Gay II

 Here’s another set of choppy sentences and half-baked thoughts. Here’s another night of heat and humidity baking my brain to certain inconceivable extents. Here’s a cookie for every neuron that gathers at the back of my head. May my psychology professor forgive me for not knowing a tick from what she has been saying about the brain’s many lobes…or my lack of thereof.

I’m heck effing tired. I’m ready to crawl my way home if only the pavement would permit but alas, it’s a comfort that would not be granted anytime soon. I want to sleep for at least six hours but my bio-clock won’t give me that satisfaction. It has been a month since I last slept soundly. Soundly meaning not waking up with sweat-pasted hair and an unbearably overbearing beating heart. Soundly meaning not waking up with an indistinguishable ringing and buzzing symphony blaring inside your head. Wait, I’m getting hungry. i think my lab manual’s taunting me.

“Do me, I beg of you, do me.”

Oh heck, that sounded wrong. My lab manual’s talking to me! Gah, it’s so wrong. Just like what a friend ate at his dorm. Some pork chunks with sweet and sour sauce, didn’t even give an enticing description of what he ate. Oh, there’s a cookie hidden somewhere in this house. Now, where did my little brother hide it, I wonder. I’m 14 years older than my brother. I thought I was going to die as the butt of every sibling joke my dear uncle managed to cook up. Unfortunately for him, my parents did some magic a few years back. After a week away from home, I get home only to get blown away by the news of having a bouncing baby sibling. That’s when I learned that one really should not eat pork for breakfast. Connection? I’ll get to that the next time I ramble (Shall I Be gay III).

There’s this person that no matter what he does, you still love him. Wait, repeat that. Oh. Seriously, this one’s true. It may apply to anything. I hate fruits. They defy me until I can’t be defied anymore. Then they defy me again. Annoying deviant fruits can’t stick to the norms. A fever’s going to form if I don’t sleep soon but my talking lab manual’s doing a strip tease so I still can not sleep. Don Mclean’s blaring through the speakers too. Shadows on the hills. I see no hills here Mclean, only blackened pavement maintained by the night’s shadows. Vincent was his name right? Vincent was the name of the dude in the starry song, right? I may be mistaken because my brain’s still getting fried.

I miss a lot of people from my past. Add the soon-to-be-forgotten cliche moments which are not as unique as we have thought in our missed days. I miss the days that glow in amber luster as they trickle by your mind. Remember. What is it with remembering things that make people cry? What is it with ephemeral things that no matter how you hold onto them, they have this uncontrollable tendency to fly away? What is it with Bake ‘n’ Churn ice cream that keeps me wanting it again and again? Maybe the Tippler was on the right track. Drink to forget what you forgot.

I’ll drink to that. Join me here some time will you?


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2 Responses to Shall I Be Gay II

  1. Jamie says:

    Insomnia can make you all fuzzy (provide your definition). You are so gay. And you are so affecting me. Maybe I’m gay? Definitely in effing denial. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not. See? Wait until I get an epiphany.

    Your lab manual’s doing a tease? What’s under it, acid or base? Ugh, they’re going to hound us this Saturday. I’m doing laps in preparation.

    I agree with the Bake n Churn ice cream cake. What’s with that, I’m craving. Buy me some, please!

    Insomnia’s not healthy. Then again, who says we need to be healthy? Nutritionist and vita-food companies who make billions of dollars selling junk that taste like junk. If people were inventing more food like that of Bake n Churn, I’d happily stay awake every single moment with a toothpick keeping my eyes open.

    I don’t drink. I hate smokers. God please smite them. Anyway, I don’t do alcohol, but I can join you in thought? Let’s waste away with alcohol in your system and despair in mine. I’m sure the effects would be similar.

    I’m curious, what did you get in your Androgyny Test? I’m doing mine. I’m neutral – sheesh. Boring. The mouse pointers poofing around. I think he’s provoking me. Better go grab a baseball bat. Er, I don;t have one. Do you? Borrow?

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