Slicking Slickery Slick

We dream of dreams that soon shall cease
to exist in a vast ever after
but of all dreams dreamt such as this
no dear, i dare not dream of Forever

we speak of this Finality
with exactitude of scholars so clever
but when talks come to entirety
dearest, speak not to me of Forever

We think of thoughts so frivolous
so astute that none can be the wiser
but thoughts too are rebellious
darling, spare me these thoughts of Forever

We dream of dreams of an ever after
where we speak words such as “leave you never”
we think of thoughts of a true believer
but we are just fools who know no better
as long as things hold true, this shant falter
no, ne’er shall i believe in Forever


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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