Stark Naked [05]



So here’s the fifth one from my notebook.

I don’t use any programs to fill my drawings in. i’m an old-fashioned person. i use the usual pen-ink-eraser combo and i get my kicks from ink-stained palms and cramped fingers. no, i don’t use broadtips to fill the black parts, i use a regular 0.5 tipped MnG pen [worth P9.00, give or take]. for the cross-hatching, g-tec c3 does it for me but i recently lost my remaining pen [boo].

i should be sad and sober today. i should be praying today. i should have studied two days ago. i’m dangling between failure and success and the string that holds me is more fragile than the hairstand from some king’s sword. my mind’s not functioning as it should lately and that’s saying a lot.

still for INSPIRATION 01. hope you know who you are. if not, i don’t blame you ’cause i’m dense too.

someone make me happy,



Biochemistry is penitence in itself.


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