Stark Naked [17]

Sighted, pursued, captured and tamed

Sighted, pursued, captured and tamed


It’s been a while since i put up anything from my notebook. you see, i haven’t gotten over the shock of almost losing my 6th drawing notebook. it’s like a really really close person to me. almost like my child in a way [i mean heck, i created it, fed it, scolded it and BATHED IT]. so yeah, i’m still kinda careful with it these days.

anywho, here’s another one. this links up with STARK NAKED [12]. they’re the same characters really. the inspiration for this was…i forgot. go figure. there are clues from SN[12] comments [thank you, paka].

i’ll post the 3rd drawing of these characters some time this week. hope the school won’t kill me ’til then.




I like cheese with hot bread.


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2 Responses to Stark Naked [17]

  1. kyoichi says:

    sure. i’ll make you a godparent. i found my lost little inkbabies a while ago. they were stuffed between leather and straps. haha do figure.

    i dont fall asleep. i ride the bus standing up so there’s no chance of that happening. three hours? bring it on. [kahit magdamagan pa!]

    you’ll have to line up for custody though. someone else got first dibs XD

    and i think papaDOM’s actually making a huge effort despite him undergoing metamorphosis at the moment. his hang-time intervals are getting less and his jokes are starting to sound natural but it’s still a long way to go. nomenclature? BAH!!!!! BIOCHEMISTRY IS WORSE THAN DEATH. ’nuff said.


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