Screaming In The Hellhole

As the night sky kills the last embers of the day,
And the wind rustles the dusk-colored leaves,
I stand alone inside this cage of skin and bone,
Bound by threads of thoughts and half-hearted aspirations.

As the day turns as sure as clockwork
The sun reconstructs its radiant countenance
Yet I stand alone in this unwelcoming home
Feeling cold as I count off the days of your return.

In your hands you hold the one key
In which there could be that hope for redemption,
The last thing a man loses before his dying breath,
Lasting beyond the cage yet not really, no never, free.

And it’s you who can undo these locks
Of unease, of uncertainty and of painful anticipation
But it’s you who sealed my binding
And opened the dark hole into which I fell.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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