Seemingly I…You

If I speak not in straight words
Or if I hide underneath metaphors,
Shaking behind similes and ironies,
Or if I cloak myself with the security –
ironic insecurity- of this diary,
Understand and be patient with me.

If I run into this labyrinth
Of syllables with towering hedges
And ghastly flowering thorns,
Or if I try to blot out the sun
For you not to see what I am,
Be patient and understand me.

If I deftly soften my footfalls
And harden not my strides
Purposely, as I breeze by your side,
It’s not to hide my shuddering
Or this quoted hideous heart I bear,
But because I try to make you
Patiently understand
that my presence need not be concrete
to prove that I am here.

When depression strikes, it strikes swiftly.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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