Selene or Hecate or Phoebe

His cheeks shone brilliantly –
As was the common love cliché –
Against the layers of moss and grime,
And I think, how can such
Perfection exist legally?

He shudders again, Aye me,
And turns his face to me
Smiling, smiling in his dreams,
When in this world can such
Happiness exist legally?

He murmurs sweet-nothings
And my heart fell to the ground,
Was I mistaken, dear me, he’s asleep –
Where is he that such
Freedom can exist legally?

At dawn, he does not wake
Nor does he stir anymore;
He’s inanimate and I exist no more,
In absence I wonder why can’t I
Love him legally?


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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