I Am Betrayed To You

Had the echoes failed to hide

What little item of value I posses

Or had it been the muses who sang

Endlessly, worthlessly, to mortal men

Who betrayed what little I treasure

To the searching eyes belonging

To the heavens where I still prove to be


Had I been betrayed to you –

You whose presence I bask in –

What more is there to hope for

When the best of me had taken a dagger

And drew my name upon the marble

Of my own grave;

What more is there to hope for

When what meager morsel kept hidden

Is taken away by telling mouths,

Dancing in fervor with wretched tongues,

And sold for commodity, for riches,

Far trivial than what it was worth

To me?

Had it been I who left

With hidden tears for company

In a land lifetimes away –

Had it been I instead who took the key

To the vaults of your undoing

I could spirit away everything of value,

All but one decrepit parcel-wrapped trinket,

That which contains my heart –

A secret that remains hidden in you –

A locked door in my soul,

One that is betrayed to you.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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