There’s something about this private little space that I don’t want to violate, even in the the strongest of my urges. Right now, these urges are alive simply because they exist and they have been provoked. So before this night closes, I’m offering a written passage of sorts for the sake of my still unrestored sanity. Or the lack of its precursor.

This place is a sanctuary and a tragedy. For the former, it’s understandable, we share the same sentiments. For the latter, let’s just say that for all those who have been here and those who cared to read, none of them understood…except for a counted few. It’s tragic not because all the entries speak of gloom but because the entries don’t speak for the intended. A tragedy that outweighs the comedy.

Here I thought that I outgrew the angst but hey…we’ve got our own days where nothing goes the way we want it to. For this random passage, well…bear with it. It’s something where a good old “read between the lines” would come in handy.

And for you sweetie, I want to hear your voice again.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

3 Responses to Sanctuary

  1. Jingle says:

    have a fun day…
    welcome linking to our poetry potluck…

  2. Jingle says:
    It is Monday again, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share via the link on the top! You could use an old poem.

  3. Jingle says:

    welcome to Poets Rally week 30,
    let me know if you have a poem ready,
    do nothing otherwise.
    Thanks for the support.

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