Call For help

These are the times when I’m on the verge of crying and tearing something apart. Probably, it’ll be me but if there’s anyone else, I wouldn’t mind.

It’s the end-of-semester stress running through my mind and I still have half a lifetime to go before I get to rest and scavenge for whatever would be left of this ‘break’. And I hope that I’ll be celebrating it in smiles because frankly…I don’t feel so good about what’s been happening.

Last year had been eventful but now’s the time of complete contrast.

I’ve been thinking if I was right for this place and it’s pretty much too late to dwell on that thought (two years too late). I’m wishing for miracles as a cure-all for my inability to sustain and fulfill my responsibilities. And I just wish it’ll be alright after this. My inadequacies have become a devouring beast.

I’m shedding tears for what has been and what’s to come. Tears which are four months too late. I’m looking up to You from this space.

I can’t do this alone.



About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

2 Responses to Call For help

  1. Jingle says:

    get more involved with online communities.
    comment to make more friends.

  2. Jingle says:

    I am working on placing your link to Jingle Poetry blog roll,
    I have been occupied by so many stuff, sorry for being late. it will appear within a week.
    your poetry rocks.
    keep it coming…

    write a poem related to 7 sins, link to our potluck today.
    Thanks for the support.

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