The 25th

I should be doing my laboratory reports. I’ve been making that as an excuse ever since I created this little space in the net (which has spanned exactly two years today). And maybe, some of the people who passed here know that already but to those who don’t and wound up reading this, well…I’d be glad if you could just carry on like you knew me.

So yeah, I should be doing my lab sheet.

But instead, I’m writing this (I’m not even sure what it is). I guess I just wanted to write something to mark the day. It’s upon me again; the memories are still fluttering by and I sit here and watch them go by. I can’t live in them though I can’t say I haven’t tried. It’s kinda sad when you think about it but for now, it’s all I have. Actually, it’s all I want to have.

I guess that was selfish to shut out possibilities. I guess I’m made that way. This unwillingness to bend to something just comes naturally. That is, until I want to. And yes, whenever this time comes, I bend to it; savor each moment that was.

I swore I‘d make this short. I’m still failing as it is, whether in absence or presence. I just wanted someone to know. I miss you, so much more than I expected to. And it gets harder but I guess we’re already a quarter of the way there. It just takes a while but I think we’ll get there.

Sometimes, I forget to breathe but then I see you and I remember why.


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