Let’s see…

It’s been two days since V-day from my time zone and I’m writing this amidst a promising heat wave on a windy afternoon. It’s my favorite kind of weather actually, very pastel and dry like most of my past summers. So I guess I’m hoping this weather would last through May. I don’t want another wet summer.

As for the 14th that has come to pass, I had hoped for weather like this.

It’s the usual thing really. We went to the usual mall and ate food we don’t usually have. It’s a coping mechanism, I think. It’s the food we ate that day that partially filled the void that the day had so adamantly left for us. But of course, I’m bluffing all of that drama. I just like using holidays as an excuse for eating more.

So we ate.

It was a good meal actually but there was a little less chicken than what I had hoped for. But it was a feast after doing 15 titrations for two hours and then hurrying over to the other lab to get a breather. But I didn’t get the breather I wanted. Instead, in that white tiled and muddied corridor, I listened to murmurs and what-haves-you of people over the official day for couples to brag about their couplehood.

There were those compulsory happy-for-you speeches for the new couples and a why-did-this-happen ranting which eventually lead to I-have-no-regrets speech and all of them have coagulated in that singular white corridor. And I listened intently to each turn of event just as I would have done during a wide-eye night out.

Yeah, my blockmates had issues of their own.

But as the next two hours of that day wore on, I figured I might just start wallowing in my pit of despair so some of us went out for lunch. What we saw when we got to the mall fell nothing short of what I expected. Couples are everywhere. Hands together, lips apart (for the time being), couples (guy-girl, guy-guy, girl-girl) were walking wearing couple shirts which inspired different forms of gasp from me.

Yeah, it’s not Valentine’s in my country without the couple shirts.

But hey, let them have their run. It’s their day to be public about what they are and what they have between them. But please, just let me have my lunch in peace (sans couple shirts and cutesy couples).

And beyond these things, the lovely showcase of affection and the sugar-induced high, what’s there to celebrate? I’m not doing this in a bitter note. I’m just trying to figure out why do we need to celebrate something that we are constantly trying to emulate? We don’t need to be reminded of it if every single day of our lives is already dedicated to it. At least, that’s what I think.

But hey, if it’s Valentine’s the world wants, then who am I to stop that?



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