Yey This Random Post

Found a list of random things that would seemingly allow people to know me a bit more than they already do. But it’s called a thirty day challenge and I’m too crappy to follow it religiously for 30 days so I just picked out a few headings that I liked and that resulted to this. Anyway, I just wanted to get my mind of a few things. So let’s start.

(I won’t be listing the headings here, I’m just posting my answers to each)

  • Whenever I look at a person, I first notice their feet. This eventually leads to me noticing the way they walk and the way they move their hands when they are using them. But sometimes, when people force me to look at person, I notice their bellies first then their legs and then their shoes.
  • I find myself constantly annoyed with everything when the temperature’s higher than what I am mostly comfortable with (and that temperature is set to a tropical climate). Only lowered temperatures can set my mood right. Another thing is when there’s the constant SHHHHHHHH sound followed by murmurings by people from whom the SHHHHHH sound originated from. Seriously, if you’re SHHHHHH-ing people around, try to shut up after that. Lastly, it grates on my nerves to see people wearing things that are not appropriate for them. Yeah, I don’t dress well and I’m surely not someone who’d be dubbed as a fashionista so I don’t have the right to be bitching about this but hey, it’s my eyes you people are burning and it’s my nerves you’re raking.
  • Mornings spent walking from the bay towards school is the best time of the day for me. It’s when people usually littering the streets of Pedro Gil are found in a tangle of limbs, stirring o the morning sun. It’s the time of day when the metro has the stillness of moist air hanging instead of the usual smog. This is when my thoughts are mostly clear and expectant.
  • To you whom I never had the chance to meet but whom I know everything of, the things you had wanted and the things you never dreamed of will both become reality and you can do nothing about it. But you’ll love it, I know. I’ve been there.
  • I want a whole day in bed with you, watching old movies, with a view of the mountains in the noon-time fog.
  • The aroma of my favorite food being served mingling with the slight smell of sweat while I’m watching the television before lunch – it’s one of the best parts of my weekend.
  • Call me by my first name over and over again until I’m sick of it. Do it in a slur and make it sound slutty just because it is.
  • Well, my best friend’s a guy studying to be a civil engineer. He likes cold desserts but generally, he likes sweets. His favorite brand of chocolate is Van Houten and he can drive now. I’ve known him for seven years now starting from when I was bouncing between 12 and 13. He’s older than me by nine days, days by which I had been overdue. So discounting my being overdue, we would have had the same birth dates. He’s usually mistaken to be my something else but the thing people mistake us to be will remain as just that, something mistaken to be. FOREVER. He’s a regular guy with regular interests. We go shopping when season sales are up. The best part of being the best friend is this: he knows and we’re still friends.
  • I plan to marry you if I can. Nothing special, it’s just something I want to do. If it’s not with you, then I want to marry the person that replaces you if I can. That’s the plan after all this shit. Then I’ll rule the world.
  • I don’t like religion. It’s a very sensitive topic to tread upon and I always stirred clear from any discussion about it. It’s a divider. It’s a reason. It’s a purpose. As I see it, religion can make or break someone. It is ultimately necessary.
  • I look forward to the day when I get to smack you in the jugular and say, Tanginis, late ka na naman.

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