Makes Me Happy

Have been reading for the last two months. I’m finishing off the books stuffed in my shelf – books that haven’t had my attention for the last two years that they have been bought and stored there. Just now, I thought I’d give them a tribute…for old time’s sake.

As someone who loves the crisp smell of cling-wrapped paper and the tell-tale damp scent of old books, I spend more time staring than actually reading a book. I like collecting them. For me, finding that one special book that will complete a series beats comfortable rainy afternoons spent indoors. I mean, half the fun of having books is finding them.

So far, I’ve read every Shannara (Brooks) book I have (ranging from the original trilogy to the Voyage of Jerle Shannara trilogy). I’ve been excited, disappointed and comforted by reading the adventures of the Shannara line of chosen ones. There’s just something about an epic fantasy that takes me away. On a related note, the Inheritance cycle of Paolini and Incarnations of Immortality series of Anthony are cool. The former’s good with the reminiscent touch of medieval fantasy and the latter puts you in the head of the mythology of the Immortals (Death, War, Fate, etc).

To end the train of fantasies, I must confess that I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I don’t have the guts to jump in and read this yet. It might ruin other fantasy-verses for me.

Young adult fantasies also clutter my shelf. Of course, Harry Potter (Rowling) is there in the front row together with Artemis Fowl (Colfer). Behind them, the vampire cycle of Darren Shan (Shan) is jamming with the only other vampires in the shelf which are created by Anne Rice. To their left sits the Hunger Games trilogy, a remote set minding its own business.

Beside the vampires are Sidney Sheldon books. I sometimes think that they’re pretty out of place since they are the only crime-themed ones that I have. I mean, as a kid, I always liked the impossible things (my first book was actually Sweet Valley High but that was followed by torrents of Goosebumps by Stine and Animorphs by Applegate). Behind the Sheldons are the horrors of Stephen King. I haven’t read most of them yet but the ones I did were what I expected them to be – scary when the light goes out. Particularly Misery, which urged me to drop my dreams of being a writer.

 On the left side of the shelf rests the Ender and the Shadow saga (Card). These books, the people that populate the universe within, they are unparalleled. Their stories are simple enough, there’s this special kid who has the task to save the universe and save it he does. But it’s not all there is. All I can say it that I overlooked the fact that the main persona of the series starts as a five-year old kid and he’s already more mature than me. The narration was that great. It made my eyes water (no sarcasm here). The other series beside Ender and Shadow, also made by the same author, is the Alvin Maker series which I haven’t started yet since I can’t find the first book yet.

What else…

I also have manga. Only one series though. I haven’t the money to complete it yet. It’s Magister Negi Magi (Akamatsu) and it’s about a genius boy wizard who gets to teach English to junior high students. They stand in the same row with a few classics that I’ve read during my HS days.

Then there’s Middlesex (Eugenides) which contains narration like Amelie. It’s like watching a movie unfold in a book.

Right now, I’m planning to complete the Darren Shan saga since it’s still missing four books. Top that off with Alvin Maker, Artemis Fowl, Septimus Heap, Inheritance and Demonata and I’m pretty much set for the year.

Yeah, I like talking about books. I like looking at them. I like living in them. If I could have only two things right now, I’d like a thousand books and only one example of the human race just as Josif had said in Songmaster (Card). Everything and everyone else can find me lost.

Surprisingly, for the last decade, this wish still hasn’t wavered within me.

Now that I have reviewed the books that I have read, I can now justify why I play Magic: The Gathering.


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One Response to Makes Me Happy

  1. love to hear that, reading books for two months wow.
    your mind must be fully packed and inspired.
    glad to see you post.

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