Interview with a Procrastinator

Five ways to win your heart

You can pretend you’re interested in books my favorite authors have written. Aside from that, you can pretend you know what I’m talking about and respond to my banter appropriately. If those two doesn’t work, we can go and grab something to eat and maybe we’ll have something to talk about. But you can have right off the bat because I’m a sucker for the love at first sight bullshit that we’re all so fond of. You can have me at hello if you wanted.

Something you feel strongly about

I feel strongly about hypocrites and all their species. I don’t understand why they should exist when the world is better off without them.

A book you love

Ender’s Game. I’ll cut anyone who says this book is a waste of ink and paper.

Things you want to say to an ex

Darling, I loved you with all the loving I knew how to do back then. But it didn’t work and this is a small measure of universal pity that we don’t have to see each other every single day.

Your views on mainstream music

I don’t dislike it but I’m not happy about it.

Five pet peeves

I hate things that are askew when they could be upright. Broken and lifeless things also bother me like an itch at the pads of you feet. I hate itching at the pads of my feet. I also hate rubbing skin with people I barely know. Lastly, dog-eared book covers drive me up the wall.

What you ate today

Today, I ate a can of vienna sausages, three plates of rice, fried marinated pork meat and instant chow mien. I also had three small bars of Crunch in between.

How important you think education is

I think education makes people believe they are better than what they actually are. While this has a double-edged implication on things, I try to look at the better side of it.

Which is better, a fool who thinks he can be something more or a fool who thinks he can do no better? I think a fool who has hope is strictly better than a complacent one.

Five guys whom you find attractive

Hugh Jackman. Peter Dinklage. Alan Rickman. Nathan Lane. The nameless guy from school.

What you wore today

Today, I wore a pair of yellow shorts and a white printed shirt.

A problem that you have had

I don’t know how to cook properly. That’s a problem when I really like to eat.

Five items you lust after

I find a varnished ironwood bookshelf really attractive. In that bookshelf, a hardbound copy of A Dance with Dragons would look really sexy. In front of that shelf, a neon green bean bag or a big teddy bear would do really nicely lying on the floor. Beside the cushy nook, a plate of lasagna or a tall glass of raspberry float would be really sinful. Lastly, a small guy who’s an inch shy from my own height lying on either the beanie or the bear, reading a book or tinkering with cards, would really turn me on.

Your fears

Falling. Drowning. Choking. Getting run over. Dying.

How you hope your future will be like

If you asked me ten years ago, I’d say I wanted to be a good doctor. If you asked me five years ago, I’d say I wanted to be a good engineer. But since it’s now that I’m getting this question answered, I’d say I just want to have a blank studio type room filled with books.

Your academics

I don’t have anything good to say about it right now. I just want it to end so we can move on with our lives.

Something that you miss

I miss the times when we went home at night, when the eight of us are chattering amongst ourselves and worrying about our sorry excuse for school gossip and the latest item from an RPG game. The small moments when we’re all so eerily quiet and the laugh that follows it when we realize we just experienced a random gust of dead air. I miss the rare moments when we’re all too exhausted but insanely happy after a rough day or week. I miss the moments when we were friends.

I also miss buying Airheads and the feeling of contentment upon the first bite and the feeling of desolation at the last.

Lastly, I miss the light feeling of a first kiss. The feeling of panic before your lips meet and the soft drop of shame when you miss your mark are priceless fragments all too soon forgotten. The first awesome moment when you get it right and you realize that all the fanfictions and manga you read didn’t do it any justice at all. The conclusion of it when you stare at the ground or your partner’s shirt or his/her earphones and you don’t know if it’s appropriate to lean in for another or run away to privately scream your head off.

Yeah, I miss these things.

A quote you try to live by

“I want to live forever surrounded by the things that I love. A million books, and one person. All of humanity in the past, and only a single example of the human race in the present” -Josif – Songmaster by Orson Scott Card

Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

I want to live in Santorini or Budapest just because I like saying their names.

Five weird things that you like

Varnish. Betty Spaghetti. Liver. Burnt Insects. Burning Sims.

One thing you’re excited for



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