The Rain Goes Down in Slow Motion

I’m supposed to do some academic stuff but I’m not really in the mood to start anything right now. The weather’s just begging me to lie down and succumb to the softness of a warm bed. But here I am updating a life in paragraphs so that I won’t forget the days when I was too lazy to do anything productive.

What has been happening lately?

I lost people to the gap of friendship. I gained someone from that gap as well. I don’t really get it and I don’t really bother with the complications but if what I’m doing now is hurting people, I do get worried. That aside, I want to look back again. If I met myself four years ago, what would we do?

I’ll probably tease myself and make me cry.

I’ll probably idolize myself and think, things can actually work out.

We’ll just probably gossip and my past self will be shocked that they didn’t make it after all.

After that, I’ll tell her about another guy and maybe she’ll be appalled.

I’ll smirk about it and tell her about this other guy.

Lastly, I’ll just tell her that things can get complicated and brutal. Sometimes, the wrong things seem more right than usual. But really, I won’t tell her anything.

I’ll just bitch slap her to this present and hope for the best.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

9 Responses to The Rain Goes Down in Slow Motion

  1. Midnight Traveller says:

    You never lost them at that gap, it’s just up to you to see them as lost or not.

  2. Midnight Traveller says:

    in any case, I’m a friend 🙂

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