Probability Issues

Probably, it’s just a probability issue.

Not that I’m a skeptic but I just like to deny a lot of things. I can deny all I want verbally but my actions tend to speak louder than necessary. It may not be apparent as I’m not a very sociable person (I tend to scare people) but if you look closely, the ticks can change into bigger blood-sucking ticks of doom.

It’s an in your face phenomena.

Probably, I’m thinking along the lines of this being a probability issue.

What are the odds that you’d find me with just enough voice to murmur a few out-dated sentiments? It’s probably astronomical but that’s all I’m willing to offer to chance. Meeting you could be as sure as death or maybe it was just a fucking fluke. Eitherway, it happened and I’m thinking of the probability of it happening. I’m coming up with nothing in particular. I have no equations for you nor do I have distribution functions. You happened when I have no more explanations to offer.

Probably, it was a sick twist of probability.

I guess I have very little to offer in more ways than one. I’m just kidding myself most of the time but I’m not skeptic. I’m more of a bewildered deer-caught-on-headlights. I can deny all I want and blame this all to probability but my actions speak with five bullhorns. The ticks have become more apparent.

You make my palms sweat.

You make me look at everything but your face.

You make me want you.



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