Stains and Summer Rain

The heat’s almost out and I’m running out of words to say here. Not that it takes a whole lot of things to get me to shut up, it’s just that I rarely find myself with little to nothing to say. Maybe I’m just too caught up with a lot of things that haven’t quite sunk in yet. Maybe I’m just justifying my silence.

First off the bat, I just graduated. Yes, I graduated. I just needed to hear (or read) myself say it. Yay, I graduated. Meh, I graduated. If it’s all the same, I’d like to go back to sitting in class and noisily ignore my professors all over again. I’m bluffing, really. I like listening to them say something which sounds like the menu of my favorite restaurant. They can really make me hungry after sitting for 30 minutes in their class.

Second, I’m not seeing the people I’m supposed to be seeing after graduation. I guess I just have to wait for another someday to come and maybe (just maybe) we’ll get to remember what we’re supposed to be talking about.

Third, I can has boyfriend. This means I’m not exactly a dude. This means I can go and be painstakingly romantic. OMG, this is the license I have been waiting for all my life. IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED (in a soft chewy package).

So far, that’s about everything that’s been running in my head. Guess that’s not a lot but my blog needs a little dusting every month or so (just to keep up with tradition). Now I’m off to the fridge to get something not sweet to drink.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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