Rainfall and Whistling Motors

I decided that I hated writing in bullet format so I’m going to try and put things down the way I know how: mismatched and not cohesive.

I got my phone stolen again. This time, it’s in the train that I ride every day since the dawn of my third year in college. It’s not really all that painful to lose a phone. It’s the contents that matters. But now that I think of it, that phone didn’t contain that much to begin with (except my keychain). I hope the bastard who stole it chokes on a wishbone while getting sodomized by a pineapple.

Anyway, that’s just about the only thing worth saying. I’m not doing much these days anyway. I just finished with my part-time and the review didn’t push through. It got dissolved on account of students who did not enrol. The good thing that happened due to that is I got into this full-time job in another university. Sweet. Hope the self-review (not really SELF) turns out great though.

Anyway, it’s been a little over four months.

It’s the best thing ever.


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