I’ve never been one of the most vocal persons in this earth. I only have a small group of people who can stand me and have seen me in the worst moments in my life. Gladly, they still choose to be acquainted with me. For these people, I can probably spare a few thousand miles (and minutes) just to hear them alive and well. Of course, there is that one person in the back of the crowd who’s always smiling knowingly – like everything about you is something of a mild interest. For that person, I can be anything and everything.

But this post isn’t even about that person. What I’m trying to write tonight are a few dozen thoughts that haven’t really taken form for the last few months. It’s not that I lost my words to latency. On the contrary, I’ve been looking at words quite frequently (note: looking). I just don’t feel like writing because when I’m happy, my hold on words is about as tight as a hair-sawn noose.

Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going yet but hey, you’re welcome to join the ride.

There’s this person who keeps on getting on my nerves.

It’s not anything that he/she has done. In fact, he/she hasn’t done anything that I should directly hate or judge in a very opposing manner. I don’t understand it myself but something about him/her just keeps on rubbing me on the wrong way. However, how I see his/her existence is a completely different ballgame.

Sometimes, just mentioning his/her existence pushes me to high five him/her in the face…with a steel bar.

Not that I still see him/her personally. This is probably one of the best things about finally leaving Taft Avenue after eight long years – not being able to see past aggravations. So yeah, here’s to graduating.

Don’t go telling me how poor you are – not when I see you buying things that should not be bought by poor people. Poor people don’t go buying brand new shoes, albeit discounted. Poor people would go and buy food instead of worrying about their scarred feet first. As far as I know, poor people don’t bother with facials because frankly, who would care about their face when they’re not entirely sure when their next meal would come. So don’t go posting every bargain book you buy with a caption of I’M SO POOR, I CAN ONLY BUY THESE THINGS.

Poor people are not like you.

But I bet you’re too poor to understand that.


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