Gusto Ko Lang I-inquire kung Bakit Putangina Niyo Po

You failed a class. You didn’t get the job. You’re too poor to watch a movie. You’re family’s giving up on you so they let you do things you like. You keep making your own problems.

It’s your choice, it’s your misery.

If you expect empathy or whatever it is that you’re aiming for, stop playing the victim in the things that you chose to do. Why should you blame the weather when it was your choice to not bring an umbrella (or a boat for that matter)? People around you didn’t choose your life for you; they just try to take it to its full potential. If you feel like they blame you for not realizing their dreams for them, I think you have the wrong way. What kind of person would not be disappointed in other people’s failed potentials?

Your life is your choice to make a giant mistake of.

As the hackneyed saying goes, happiness is a choice. If money doesn’t make you happy, you just don’t know where to buy happiness. If your loved ones don’t make you happy, it’s because you keep finding faults in them. If being alive doesn’t make you happy, then by all means, you know what to do.

I’m just getting sick of all the negativity when there is so much to be happy about.

You’re alive.

You have all the chances to be happy.


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