December Heat

I fail in words with regard to you.

I don’t understand how we got here, in this little space in the universe of casual certainties. I know I’ve been asking this a lot but I can’t help but wonder, if I took a wrong turn or if my name was something else would this small space collapse into a thousand fragments of what could have been?

I know I haven’t been anything more than a whiny little monster. It’s something of a miracle that after telling you all the little things that set me off, you’re still there. You know my inconsistencies as much as I know the things that you didn’t plan to overlook. You can take in stride all the things that can make me fall apart. It’s these details that complement us. Somehow, even if I don’t understand a vast amount of things, I know that you will be able to enlighten me.

These things, these little words that I can’t really say but can only feel, can only fail with regard to you.

Probably, you were the only explanation I ever needed.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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