Erasers and Pens

What has been your most memorable moment in 2012?

There’s the graduation bit and the one where you already defended your thesis and got away with it. Of course, there’s teh usual lantern parade and UPfair at UPD. Then there’s the sudden rush of unknown fear of suddenly letting it all go and just watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (hello, Kevin).

How much have you changed overall in 2012?

I’ve come to finally realize a lot of things that would have made college life a misery.

A person who has impacted your life in some way this year.


Something you have learned this year.

You can just do what you have to do and if that doesn’t turn out well, then you can go and blame yourself for all the woes that have befallen you.

Describe an adventure you had this year.

Climbing Sta. Lucia and going through the caves at Banahaw twice in a year.

Any words of wisdom/advice for anyone?

You can go on blaming everyone but in the end, it wouldn’t really get you anywhere.

Things you want to say to people.

I haven’t the right words to say as I’m not really the type of person to be saying emotional and deep shiz every day. I guess all I have are these words which can always fall into obscurity by some tumblr image or some other infogram on 9gag: you’re mostly one of the things that I can smile about when I wake up and you will most likely be one of the things I’ll cry about on a very bad day.

Things you hope for in 2013.

I will land that job and when I do, I’ll start working on my new dreams.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

A better future that I never hoped for.



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