A Few Summer Things

After a while, I just like to sit back and think of what have been and what could have been. This is the main reason why i can’t be alone. i have this disease that seeks to devour the remaining sanity i managed to keep after the few short years i’ve manged to live through. now i’m doing it again; going about it in a painfully accurate manner.

I feel inadequate and lost right now. There’s this nibbling behind my brain that from time to time becomes a full-blown crippling desire to know and understand a lot of things. but always, it remains insatiable. I wanted to know but all i got was a cold and not amusing turn of events.

little by little, i’m starting to feel a bit down. i don’t understand it or maybe i do and i just don’t want to face it. eitherway, this will pass like so many things did before. it’s the transition that kills me.

that”s about that for angst. Now i’m feeling a bit lively again.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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