It’s Gone

Now that we’re no longer, this shouldn’t matter anymore. That whatever had transpired would be abruptly stashed away into the dark recesses of reality. That whatever memories we have gathered – photos, memorabilia, moments – should be nothing more than weathered consumerism. That what we had would only now be considered as nothing more than a moment past in a present where we are not even strangers.

We are now separate entities; in heart, mind and, body. That our heart beats in two different courses and rhythms. That our thoughts will no longer be in sync as they were before. That whatever it is that had transpired or whatever dreams we may have had had already crumbled and were blown away by the wind.

Be sure, I won’t mind. I’ll remember you fondly, like a childhood memory; faded, unimportant and, self-humiliating.

Harsh words were said, and lies were told instead


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

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