I Don’t Know About You

…But I’m not feeling 22. Not that I’m 22 yet. I’m about two months away from feeling anything remotely 22. I’m feeling just about 14 right now. You’re rubbing off on me and I think I’m liking it.

I’m getting better and I’m feeling good about a lot of things. Everything’s looking brighter these days and I’m forgetting about the rain in all its constant glory. I’m just about ready to burst out in a song and do a dance number every time I walk out of the house. There’s a certain spring in my step again and all sorts of non-poetry are spouting off from me. It can only mean that I’m happy.

I’m happy but I’m terrified.

I’d hate to lose these small things that lie in between. I’ve decided that you would be the last one I’m playing against. In this whirlwind I’ve brought in, I’ll take a stand while holding you in my thoughts. You’re probably all the determination I need right now. With you, I can dream again.

With you, I know I can be better.


About kyogakura
Bored 95% of the time.

One Response to I Don’t Know About You

  1. nice,
    honest thoughts there, at times, trying to be an artist and inspire others could be fruitful.

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