The Weirdness of it All

There’s something about a damp and stormy night that manages to get me writing. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have pictured myself hammering away on these unfamiliar keys in an unfamiliar place a hundred miles away from home. I’ve been uprooted from my comfort zone; away from the comforting Metro flood and the sub-urban traffic on a smoldering stormy night. Here I am trying to be all profound about it all but I’m stuck at a paragraph without a cause.

What am I getting at, exactly?

I’m not exactly sure right now. I’m just laying down my feelings since I haven’t anyone to talk to about these things anymore. Not that I’m wanting, I just find this small corner a little too silent for my taste. Not to mention that although a lot of people are in this house, it doesn’t mean that I can get into my drama mood right off the bat. I may not be picky around people but I do want someone to understand.

But everything’s beside the point right now. What am I getting at, really?

I feel happy. It’s so easy to say but I’m finding it hard to understand. I’m in this foggy state of mind where nothing makes sense and all that I’m feeling is a hollowness that cannot be satisfied. Beyond these things, I find that I’m lighthearted enough to feel happy.

It may be because of you.

I arrived here knowing full well that I have to do things on my own. I’ve never done this kind of thing before because although it doesn’t look like it, I have lived a very sheltered life. I didn’t expect anything to happen to me except a dull routine of work and sleep. Amidst all these great expectations of mine, you happened. In a humid summer night, I have found you and you have found me.

I don’t know how it began. What started out as a sordid little affair turned into a whirlwind of uncertainty for my part. It wasn’t meant to be more than a little brush with a new set of people in a far away land. However, that small talk that turned into a three hour talk-athon while listening to a one-man karaoke party turned out to be one of the more pleasant things that my randomness produced. I wonder, if I hadn’t sat on that table outside and you decided to go away for the weekend, would we have come as far as we have? Would we have met under a different circumstance it I had come earlier than was intended?

In the end, the course of things just seemed to flow in a comfortably convenient way. By the time the flow subsided, I decided that I wanted to be happy. By some odd circumstance, that happiness was with you.

It was the most welcome oddity I ever had the chance of knowing.


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