I’m Hightailing It To The World

I’m going to try out something new in this belated post about the new chapter(s) in my life. Currently, I’m pursuing a career I’ve been pushed into taking (through the twist of fate or quite possibly something else). Not that it’s anything less than extravagant. If anything, it’s more than what I have hoped for.

With that aside, I’m moving on with this idea: travel diary.

YES! This is the thing I’ve been wrapping my head around since I started seeing more of the known world. Not that I’ve gotten far, that’ll take time and a ton of funds to get to. But for now, I’m just going to post what I can and I can’t promise being that accurate about it since I’ll be using someone else’s photos for some posts (because I’m a lazy photographer). I asked their permission though, so there.

I’m feeling a tide coming. Let’s just enjoy the great adventures of the sea, land and sky.


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Bored 95% of the time.

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