I’m Hightailing It To The World

I’m going to try out something new in this belated post about the new chapter(s) in my life. Currently, I’m pursuing a career I’ve been pushed into taking (through the twist of fate or quite possibly something else). Not that it’s anything less than extravagant. If anything, it’s more than what I have hoped for.

With that aside, I’m moving on with this idea: travel diary.

YES! This is the thing I’ve been wrapping my head around since I started seeing more of the known world. Not that I’ve gotten far, that’ll take time and a ton of funds to get to. But for now, I’m just going to post what I can and I can’t promise being that accurate about it since I’ll be using someone else’s photos for some posts (because I’m a lazy photographer). I asked their permission though, so there.

I’m feeling a tide coming. Let’s just enjoy the great adventures of the sea, land and sky.


About kyogakura
Tried to shoot for artistically misunderstood but figured it's high time to be something else.

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