Mandatory Year(s) Reviews

Yesterday was my first anniversary in this distant place. I found that whenever I get tired of doing something, I subconsciously draft a plan to go to a place where no one knows me. Now, I think I took it a bit too far and ended up in another country. I would come back in a year or so. I can’t stand being away for too long mainly because I miss the food and the idiosyncrasies. There is, after all no place like home.

Being that as it may, this is a mandatory year review which will be covering five years. I’m writing it now before I forget about it altogether. Actually, I’m just procrastinating for a bit.

Let me start with…


  • Hello, Kim ❤
  • Previous job contract ended so…
  • …got into a refinery job
  • Went to a few places and got some new friends
  • Broke up with someone…
  • …ended up with someone new
  • Basically, a career move


  • Nothing substantial happened


  • Another year of nothing
  • Went to Batanes
  • Went to Hong Kong


  • Went to Malaysia
  • Resigned from job
  • Went to graduate school
  • Got a giant investment stint (which is an adult achievement, actually)
  • Went to Saigon
  • Went to Japan


  • Stayed in Japan
  • Gained a lot of friends
  • Lost a lot of friends
  • Gained a special friend (hoping to keep this one for a long time)
  • Found out that life is essentially a giant cycle of hello and goodbye


That’s about it. Happy anniversary to me.


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