Stars Shined Down


This is Stars Shined Down. I know it sounds kind of hipster-y but that’s because it was made in a very hipster point of my life. Perhaps this hipster thing will blow over some day (in about two years or so) but until that day comes, I’ll always associate my blog title with that (aside from the Sidney Sheldon books which is not, IN ANY WAY, an influence to my blog).

Of course, this is a sort of welcome. For my part, I’m supposed to sound interesting by being either of the following: emo, annoyingly witty (which will come off as just annoying), hipster (posting cool vintage/lomo/edited pictures which I DON’T HAVE)So now I find myself strangely failing any of those so I conclude that I’m really not that good with introductions.

Cutting things short and getting back on track, this is Stars Shined Down. This is a blog I made way back in 2009 for lack of better things to do (or distractions to cater to). This blog is a witness to many of my emotional college moments and few of the happier moments that existed in the gray spaces in between. Ultimately, just expect non-happy posts hidden in the cryptic orchestra of words.


Enjoy while you can.

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