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Morning, 24th

If I had stopped when I had the chance

to have not loved you as I should not,

would this future change?

Or would it still be this:

another verse, another song

this of sorrow and painful regret?

In my head, I call him a thousand names. My hands touched him a thousand times. Somehow, a 2×3 panel of virtual space parted us a thousand times.


Months happened

Along lightyears, between

Celestial space;

Dawn broke upon

The purple haze clouding

My head;

Time and space

Ran across the yard

And I think I loved you

In the lifetimes spent

Across my bed.


Night shades swinging on

The rooftops hovering

Above my head;

Whistling things on wings

Sounding like carols

From heavenly choirs;

The toymaker runs the night

On mammal-powered engines

And imaginings;

I’m stuffed to the brim

Sitting by the keys

Hearing your voice singing

Across the Milky Way.

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Beings Made of Stone

That these thoughts have flown

Over the seascape of you;

That which cannot be near can only bring

Longing more painful than the last;

That which can only drown a man

Who lingers on its crystal isles;

That which wills a man to wait

In contempt, in regret and in misery;

That seascape of you over the narrow sea;

A portrait from someone who misses you –

With every tomorrow,

Every someday,

And every forever –

Drowning in that narrow sea.

That Shit Which Recurs

This heart’s worn

More so on these frayed sleeves;

And spirits cannot drown

Sorrow which now can swim;

This for the times when

You held the gun and

Dare not pull the trigger,

The bullets never made a mark

But the marks bleed no less;

For the days of hoping

For the least

And earning less;

This beats all:

Now when down is the only way

You know how to let me.

This time when I thought it mattered and I may be opening up to something more than I let on, nothing comes of it. Same shit, different day.