I’m Kyogakura.

In my own point of view, I’m a very boring person. I usually just hole up in my apartment and pass the time virtually doing everything other than the things I have to do. Often, people who go to my place find that my drawers are organized and my bed is made but, a pile of dishes lie unwashed in the sink. I don’t know what to make of it, really.

Anyway, I am inclined to think that this page should be interesting but by and by, I lost interest in making myself look more interesting.

In this sense, let me just give you a brief run-through.

I used to be artistic but I realized that it’s more of a hobby than a profession.

I used to be very scared of Math and Science but I took and finished a technical undergraduate course.

I used to think that the world only existed in black or white but now I find that grey spaces constitute 95% of the road I walk on.

I used to only know two languages but now, it’s an awesome threesome.

I used to want to be interesting but now, I just want to be interested.

So, stranger, welcome. Let me take you to my wonderland.


2 Responses to Kyogakura

  1. And I don’t like painting, so I just don’t bother–so I think we could (all three of us?) be friends 😉

  2. kyoichi says:

    we could really 😀

    welcome to my world heather. 😀

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