De Rerum Natura

by Maria Isabel Garcia (The Philippine Star)

Go and have your walk; take off your I-Pod and turn off your mobile. Renew your peace with this banished stranger called “silence.” As far as possible, without surrender, seek reason. Even without scripts, lights and fanfare, there is a bunch of people working on their latest insight about your genes, your pets or your planet. They have a fascinating story to tell so take the time to listen.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they have enough of each other to keep them busy. If you compare yourself with others, know that genetically, there is only one race: the human race. So it is of no use to mark someone’s essence only because of their color, height, or the shape of their eyes. And with your finite time, would you really rather YM, FB, or tweet fifty friends than have a glass of wine with one?

Design a career you love and cultivate your craft well; Aside from sleeping, you will have it and it will have you for most of your life’s hours. Exercise caution in your everyday affairs, for the world is full of people selling oils that falsely claim to cure all. But let this not blind you to the fact that even science found out that we are generally all born kind; there are a lot more people who live quiet triumphs over tragedy, desperation and ignorance, and they are the last people to call themselves heroes.

Be yourself. Love and learn with all of your might. They bestow rewards that will never pass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the chase after eternally supple skin, limber flesh and bones. Science is still powerless over time. There are unique episodes in each age, each more hilarious than the last. Laugh. Harder. Science found that loneliness is contagious probably the only contagious thing that you can cure by touching another being.

Reach out. Beyond a wholesome attitude, learn how to appreciate the questions as much as the answers. Do this while being gentle with yourself and others who do not share your opinion. You are here and alive! Earn your right to be here. Enliven your space. You have it, for now. Whether or not you understand or accept it, the universe was here before you and it will be here long after you leave. Be at peace with your own humanity, however earthly or sublime it seems to be. But let it grow. With all the tragedies that silent and written biographies are strewn with, it is indeed a deeply beautiful universe, still largely embraced in mystery. Begin anew. Discover and understand — that is part of our own humanity as we strive to be happy.

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